Round Latch Locking Unit Offers Precision and Reliability

Hasco’s round latch locking unit is compact and mounts on the inside to ensure precision and reliability. 


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Hasco has extended its range of proven latch locking units with an innovative, compact version that can be mounted on the inside—the round latch locking unit Z1790. The internally mounted latch locking units have the advantage of not increasing the dimensions of the injection mold and of ensuring reliable stages in the plate opening movement from a protected position inside the mold, the company says.

The latch locking units require only a small space, permitting strokes of between 30 and 130 mm. The pulling bar Z1791 can be fitted in both the intermediate plate and the clamping plate. The stroke can be adjusted as required by shortening the pulling bar. Similarly, the housing can be cut to length in order to align it to the plate thickness. The central locking system ensures a high force transmission through its precise, interlocking connection, the company says. An additional feature is that the pulled plate is locked, ensuring greater safety during production.