Rotary Micromotor System

The Handy 700 system from Paul H.

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The Handy 700 system from Paul H. Gesswein & Co., Inc. (Bridgeport, CT) boasts an advanced controller and a 50,000rpm, 230W brushless rotary handpiece for incredibly powerful operation, even at low speeds. Also works with the Power Hand 2X and Marathon brush-type handpieces. It provides ample torque at all times to ensure fast and controlled metal removal and is ideal for a wide variety of applications—including grinding, finishing and polishing. Features include auto-cruise function for fixed-speed operation with foot rheostat, easy-to-read digital speed display for precise speed and torque settings, maximum handpiece torque mode, forward/reverse rotation, error-checking/troubleshooting system with digital display and overload protection. In addition to Handy 700 controller with integral carrying handle and BH-60 handpiece with quick-tool-change mechanism, system includes 1/8" collet, variable-speed foot rheostat, handpiece rest, detachable handpiece holder and replacement fuse. Electrical: 100120V, 40W, 50/60Hz. Backed by a two-year handpiece warranty. CE approved.