Robots Offer Speed, Precision and a Compact Design

The SR-3iA and SR-6iA SCARA robots from FANUC offer the same intelligence and reliability that is available on all FANUC robots.


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FANUC Corp. introduces the SR-3iA and SR-6iA SCARA robots. FANUC’s new SCARA robots feature high-speed, precise operation for pick and place, assembly, testing and inspection and packaging processes in a wide range of industries. The SCARA robots have applications in the consumer electronics, auto component, plastics, food and beverage, lab automation, appliances and medical device manufacturing industries. The compact, lightweight design of these robots provides significant space savings.

The SR-3iA offers a 3-kg payload, 400-mm reach and 200-mm stroke, and the SR-6iA has a 6-kg payload, 650-mm reach and 210-mm stroke. The R-30iB Compact Plus controller powers the SCARA robots, which offer the same intelligence and reliability that is available on all FANUC robots, including integrated iRVision, force sensing, conveyor tracking, fieldbus connectivity, integrated safety and most other software options. FANUC says that its new SCARA iRProgrammer software interface is easy to use for programming with Tablets or PCs and can be accessed via a web browser.

Benefits and features of the FANUC SCARA robot include a lightweight design that enables easy system integration and continuously fast operation, high-inertia capacity that maximizes flexibility and the ability to handle large work pieces and a generous vertical stroke that makes it possible to perform assembly, packaging and handling operations. The FANUC SCARA robot has an option bottom cable exit that protects the cable and saves valuable floor space for higher efficiency. The robots have integral air lines, 24VDC power, I/O signal cables and optional solenoid valves optional that the company says simplifies system integration. Brake release switch on the robot’s arm allows easy error recovery. Standard CE/NRTL compliance on the R-30iB Compact Plus controller enables global deployment without any additional cost. FANUC’s SCARA robots will be available in North America in the first quarter of 2018.