Robofil 240SL

Charmilles has announced the release of the Robofil 240SL, a machine replacing the standard Robofil 240 wire EDM.

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Charmilles has announced the release of the Robofil 240SL, a machine replacing the standard Robofil 240 wire EDM. Designed to keep users competitive in the global market, the new machine features a variety of improvements designed to provide high quality performance at an affordable price. Among the most noticeable of the changes to the machine design is a new lower head. Coupled with symmetrical XY and UV tables, this allows the machine to handle maximum taper angles of up to 30 degrees to the full part height. A new 3D part alignment system allows easy setup for heavy and tall parts. The Robofil 240SL also includes a new filter system, featuring four filters, rather than 2. The system increases individual filter life by 2.5 times compared to the previous design and drastically lowers operating costs. The Robofil 240SL features CT-Millennium CNC, a Windows? based operating system. Dynamic Screen Function (DSF) aids in setting up and taking references of a job to be executed, using animated 3D drawings to illustrate the job. The system also allows a machine to be integrated into a local area network (LAN) and performs remote job notification through SMS. The Robofil 240SL constantly measures water levels in the work tank, making adjustments as needed to allow for unattended machining of parts with differing heights. With a fill rate of 132 gallons per minute, the machine has maximum fill and drain times of just 30 seconds. The Robofil 240SL can machine parts up to 39.17 in. wide by 21.65 in. deep by 8.66 in. tall, weighing up to 1,653 lbs. Also present in the machine is Charmilles’ ThermoCut automatic wire threading system. The system stretches and cuts the wire under the effect of heat and then quickly and accurately threads it. Compatible with any type of wire, whether brass or coated, ThermoCut requires minimum maintenance and threads reliably up to 24 in. tall parts. To best minimize maintenance costs and ensure long-term accuracy, the Robofil 240SL implements Integrated Collision Protection (ICP) on all 5 axes. Charmilles has also unveiled the Robofil 440SL as a replacement to the standard Robofil 440. Containing all of the same improvements present in the Robofil 240SL, the larger Robofil 440SL is able to handle parts measuring 47.24 in. wide by 27.56 in. deep by 15.75 in. tall, with a maximum weight of 3,306 lbs. Optionally, both machines can be equipped with a new FS-Threading feature that allows automatic threading, fully submerged, to the maximum z-axis height.