Robofil 2050TW

Charmilles’ recently unveiled Robofil 2050TW sets a new standard for wire EDM performance.

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Charmilles’ recently unveiled Robofil 2050TW sets a new standard for wire EDM performance. This groundbreaking twin wire machine provides levels of precision and accuracy that surpass every EDM that has come before. The award-winning Robofil 2050TW brings high speed, improved surface finishes and unsurpassed accuracy to the Top End Wire class of EDM. Throughout the machine’s design, accuracy was given special consideration. High precision glass scales measure increments down to .05 µm and thermo-stabilization of the entire machine eliminates inaccuracy caused by thermal instability. The Robofil 2050TW features a new, fully digital generator that offers absolute mastery of every spark. The new generator provides a surface finish as fine as Ra .05 µm in carbide and total respect of surface integrity, whatever the material machined. The newly designed mobile console provides easy accessibility and allows the end user to monitor the Robofil 2050TW very close to the work area. Windows XP® and ‘Twin Wire’ software technology were implemented into the machine’s controls, creating an intuitive interface that encourages productivity and the integration of automation. The Robofil 2050TW works with two spools of wire, ranging from 0.02 mm (0.00078”) to 0.33 mm (0.013”) in diameter. Full automation of the wires’ complete operational sequence further ensures high levels of productivity. In the 4th quarter of 2004, the Robofil 2050TW was awarded the prestigious Golden Micron award at Micronora 2004 in Besancon, France. Also available is the Robofil 6050TW. This machine offers all of the advantages of the Robofil 2050TW, but accommodates larger parts. The Robofil 6050TW is capable of machining workpieces up to 49.61” x 24.02” x 14.17”, as opposed to the Robofil 2050TW’s capacity of 39.98” x 20.08” x 10.24”.