Risk-Free Titanium Milling


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The iLock fixturing system from Sandvik Coromant is designed for use in milling of ISO S materials.

The axial forces created when machining in ISO S materials with a solid carbide end mill puts very high demands on the clamping mechanism. In some situations the tool can pull out from the chuck despite the chuck’s high clamping force. Components that are produced in these materials are expensive with a large number of machining hours invested and the consequence of tool pull out is catastrophic.

The new iLock fixturing system solves this problem by securing the end mill without interfering with the runout precision of Shrink Fit. This is achieved by helical grooves that are ground into the shank of the tool. Pin drivers mounted in the chuck prevent the tool from being pulled out of the holder during extreme machining conditions. This solution provides maximum process security.

These new chucks and solid carbide end mills offer a combination of security of pull out prevention with high precision, providing optimized metal cutting efficiency.

The CoroMill Plura with iLock program will be focused towards titanium milling in aerospace frame components.