Power of PDM

Through the use of live, 20-minute software presentations, Missler Software showed visitors how working with a CAD/CAM solution based on product data management (PDM) can make a difference in their manufacturing experiences.

Missler Software showed visitors to Amerimold 2015 how working with a CAD/CAM solution based on product data management (PDM), like TopSolid, can really make a difference in their manufacturing experiences. Missler representatives did this by starting from the beginning with importing a part into their solution. They then walked the attendee through the entire manufacturing process of a mold—not just CAD, not just CAM, but the real process.

The Missler reps touched on everything along the way, including fast core and cavity creation, and focused on complete 3D mold design through automated 2D documentation of the design, and on how PDM can be used to launch the manufacturing process by using the customer’s knowledge of manufacturing in drag-n-drop automation.  

At the end of each presentation, Missler showed a moldmaker's favorite part of the manufacturing experience: a customer design change. Here, the company demonstrated the power of the PDM, implementing a new database into the mix and showing how TopSolid can push updates to all facets of the manufacturing process.

Version 7.9 of Missler’s TopSolid’Mold features improvements to virtually all stages of injection mold development, from retrieval of the part to be molded to production of detailed drawings of the tool. For example, a PDM tool makes it easier to manage mold components, the company says. Users also can implement the combined work of several specialist designers on the same project, reducing design time. Other new capabilities also help speed up the design process, including rapid creation of cavity blocks, a library of standard mold bases, management of multi-cavity molds, and fast and intuitive regulation circuits.

Libraries of standard components from suppliers such as Hasco, Meusburger, Rabourdin and DME can be linked with corresponding data such as automatic sizing and machining processes. The user interface features an icon bar dedicated to tool views, broken down by categories including injection, ejection, mold base, runners, regulation, components and movements.

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