Rebranded Interface Offers Continued Injection Mold Cooling Data Efficiency

Burger & Brown Engineering’s rebranded Smartlink Tracer Interface can link to PC-based proprietary Data Logger software to receive voltage temperature and flow rate data for injection molders.


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Smartlink Tracer Interface product.

Photo Credit: Burger & Brown Engineering

Burger & Brown Engineering has rebranded its Smartlink Tracer Interface, formerly called Tracer Bluetooth Interface. The company says the name more accurately describes the most commonly used application of the product to “link” with PC-based proprietary Data Logger software to collect, transmit and store injection mold cooling data from Tracer Base units. This data is used to confirm injection molded part processing conditions commonly required by medical, military or aerospace manufacturing of critical components.

The Smartlink Tracer Interface supplies power and receives voltage temperature and flow rate data from up to eight Tracer Base flowmeters at one time. Data Logger software at the PC monitors up to 10 Smartlink Interface units simultaneously, providing real-time graphs, Turbulent Flow indication, out-of-limit alarm data and file management. A dry contact switch is available for connection to a peripheral or machine control to signal the alarm condition when data collection is active. Configuration files containing alarm settings can be saved and retrieved as needed for specific molds and machine combinations.

The Smartlink Tracer Interface also wirelessly transmits flow rate and temperature to display on a mobile device up to 20 m away. Compared to a PC, the mobile app displays data from up to 30 interface units at one time. Flow condition data log files can be created using the mobile app and saved onto a USB flash drive located on the interface unit.

According to the company, the Smartlink Tracer Interface is also more cost-effective if installed with economical non-display flowmeters in the cooling water line versus flowmeters that include individual displays. Scientific injection molders use temperature and flow rate data from Tracer Base units to confirm cooling water condition requirements, optimize cycle times and cooling water efficiency.