Wire EDM Accommodates Parts with Larger Machine Travels



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Decatur Mold provides quality molds and services, operating 24/7 for short leading lead times for builds and repairs. The company operates in the automotive, appliance, container, medical, electrical, military and consumer industries. The company’s experience includes over-molding, hydraulic ejection, unscrewing, gas assist, insert molding, two shot tools and more. Not only does the company typically build molds for 1000 ton presses and under, but it has repair capabilities. Its service department has 30-ton crane capacity, laser and traditional welding, multiple CMM machines and a spotting press to ensure the best quality repair.

The company purchased a new Makino U86 CNC wire EDM, which provides larger machine travels and work tank to accommodate parts. While the machine has the physique to tackle extremely large part details, it retains the fineness and precision capabilities of smaller machines. The machine utilizes a stationary work table design that improves accuracy by eliminating variables such as work piece and di-electric weight shifting that can negatively impact machine movement.




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