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Siemens has introduced a quality management solution for issue management and CAPA (Corrective and Preventive Action). The new Teamcenter solution, an offering of Siemens’ PLM software business unit, provides greater visibility into quality management processes and faster time-to-closure of quality issues. It also offers a more complete and consistent process for root-cause identification, correction, prevention and verification, which directly impacts the risk of recurrence and enables continuous quality improvement.

CAPA processes are a critical component of quality management solutions, the company states. The issue management and CAPA solution is a web-based offering that is part of Siemens’ Teamcenter® portfolio, the world’s most widely used digital lifecycle management software. The new solution integrates quality and change management processes, enhances decision-making and supports Eight Disciplines Problem Solving (8D), a method used to approach and resolve problems, typically employed by quality engineers.

Formal CAPA activities which focus on the systematic investigation of discrepancies (customer complaints, defects, failures, etc.) in an attempt to permanently solve root causes and prevent recurrence are a widely used process for ensuring the quality and safety of products. When issues arise, time-to-closure is critical. Until the issue’s root-cause is identified, corrected, validated and closed, manufacturers must spend time and effort on workarounds, repairs and rework. Even when issues are detected internally, they have a significant impact on manufacturing productivity. This situation worsens when issues are detected post-production by customers or regulatory bodies, potentially creating a liability and impacting customer satisfaction.

Quality management is often an informal or inconsistent process that is typically managed outside the PLM environment, the company states. Quality managers don’t have visibility to product requirements and manufacturing processes, which makes it difficult to effectively and proactively manage quality. Teamcenter links product and quality data to provide manufacturers with enterprise-level visibility to quality issues; and can help reduce the time-to-issue-resolution, helping manufacturers mitigate the risk of nonconformance and more efficiently manage quality.