Purge Compounds Engineered for Chemical Cleaning



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Clean Plast Purge Compounds launches two grades of purge compounds, CP-P-EC2 and CP-H-EC2. Both grades are delivered in a premixed and ready-to-use pellet form. They are engineered for the chemical cleaning of screws, barrels, heads and dies, to remove burned material, color hang-ups, deposits and black specks during color and/or material changes. CP-P-EC2 has a temperature range from 338°F to 572°F (140°C to 300°C) and works with the following resins:  PVC, EVA, POM, HDPE, LDPE, PP, etc. CP-H-EC2 has a temperature range from 374°F to 508°F (190°C to 320°C) and works with the following resins: PA, PC, ABS, SAN, PMMA, PVC, etc. The company uses only prime materials so running the purge compounds through machines, molds and dies is safe for all precision machined parts and chromed/polished surfaces. The company does not use regrinds or reprocessed materials in any formulations. Both grades can be purged through hot runner manifolds, valve gates and tips. The largest particle size in the compound is 0.1 mm.

The company also has a liquid purge compound, CP-LPA. The liquid purge compound can be used in all resins up to a temperature of 750°F (400°C). It is a universal liquid purge agent, working in majority of the resins and plastic processes. It is suited for blown film, maintaining the bubble, quick color changes and compatible with most liquid color delivery systems or by adding directly to the machine.




Clean Plast Purge Compound

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