Products Unlock Full Potential of Machine Technologies

GF Machining Solutions will showcase its predictive manufacturing technology for Industry 4.0, as well as other offerings, at EMO Hannover 2019.


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GF Machining Solutions will showcase its predictive manufacturing technology for Industry 4.0, as well as other offerings, at EMO Hannover 2019.

The company will spotlight digital solutions that advance users’ Industry 4.0 readiness, including the Open Platform Communications (OPC) Unified Architecture (UA) protocol and the digital services platform, rConnect. These solutions will help manufacturers reduce machine downtime, monitor the performance of their machines and workshops, automate their processes and ensure manufacturing process compliance. Visitors will discover how these software products can drive their manufacturing success. The Open Platform Communications (OPC) Unified Architecture (UA) protocol is installed on all of the company’s machines. The protocol also provides a common communication language across the company’s products, technologies and services. Version one of the OPC UA collects a vast range of comparable data and, with the new rConnect Dashboard, makes it accessible on the shop floor and remotely from users’ offices. OPC UA also enables users to connect the company’s products to existing ERP and MES systems.

Live data related to a variety of machine key performance indicators (KPIs) are available on the rConnect Dashboard following collection. All of this data is comparable and structurally aligned with ISO 22400’s framework for defining, composing, exchanging and using KPIs in manufacturing. Machine status, availability, efficiency and productivity are all tracked, enabling users to easily monitor machine activity and receive alerts about issues such as deviations from normal productivity.

The company will highlight its global training academy’s “Passion for Education” with new training modules and on-demand options designed to help customers maximize the potential of the company’s products. The company’s exhibit will showcase educational opportunities and demonstrate managing the transfer of knowledge, from research and development to customer services, sales, application support and training. The academy’s curriculum is comprised of two tiers: “Learn to operate” modules, which provide in-depth training to help customers use their machines autonomously, and “Maximize performance” modules, designed to help users develop expert-level knowledge on such topics as advanced measuring and programming. A team of expert application engineers will be on-site to assist customers with the new educational modules and on-demand training options.

In three highly dynamic zones, GF Machining Solutions will bring its process expertise to life with dedicated solutions for aerospace, medical and dental, and automotive parts manufacturers. With the company’s automated adaptive blade milling, the workpiece is measured in the machine and the TURBOSOFT CAM software generates and optimizes the tool path. As a result, the milling machine automatically begins to machine the blade, no human interaction required, at the highest levels of productivity and quality while remaining fully integrable with flexible manufacturing systems. The company’s fully digital laser texturing process offers higher flexibility, precision and ease of use to boost quality and optimize lead time used for surgical implants. The company’s booth will include sensors for autonomous cars, lighting modules, reflectors, electronic components and power modules for new energy vehicles, and it will highlight innovative solutions that ensure the accuracy on stamping tools for micro fuel cells and smart texturing solutions for lens molds, radar housings and prism inserts for lighting.