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Production Monitoring System Built for Simplicity, Affordability

Originally titled 'Production Monitoring System Built for Simplicity, Affordability'
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Designed by and for injection molders, the Smart Attend system makes real-time production monitoring practical even for small shops.

Smart Attend launched commercially last June. Smart Attend collects data (such as 24V I/O signals) produced by injection machines, extruders or other machinery and connects to the plant’s WiFi network to send data to PCs via a web-browser login or to mobile devices via the Smart Attend app for iOS or Android. Data is collected by a small, WiFi-enabled box called a Smart Device, which sends encrypted data to a secure “cloud” server. A backup 2 GB memory card ensures that data is never lost and can be collected in the event of a network disconnect. Also included is a special “tower light” with 150 LEDs capable of flashing a wide variety of colors to signal the state of the machine and production.

Initial registration and setup of the system can be done on a PC through a micro USB cable. Further Smart Attend settings can be configured directly over the network via the app. Utilizing “plug-and-play” functionality, initial configuration can be complete in as little as 20 min without requiring IT or specially trained personnel. Overall installation time averages 2-4 hours. The Smart Attend system can work with any brand and any age of machine. With Smart Attend, data goes instantly from machines to managers. Smart Attend provides information visually through the tower light, audibly through a powerful speaker housed at the top of the tower light, and digitally through the native mobile-device app and web portal.


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