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Mida WRS

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The Marposs Mida WRS probing system with radio transmission includes (from top to bottom) a bore plug gauge, tool setter, spindle touch probe, receiver and remote control for programming. The WRS system has an applied transmission frequency band of 2.4 GHz, permitting this single system to be used in applications in most parts of the world. The spherical transmission characteristics and 15 m operating range make the WRS both flexible and powerful. The system automatically searches for the best signal among the 74 available radio channels in order to ensure optimum communication conditions between the probe and the receiver at all times. Additional sub-channels permit the use of multiple probes on the same machine by means of a simple NC selection code.

The WRS receiver interface features a unique remote programming capability and a four-digit display, ensuring that important user messages are clear, immediate and precise and enabling the user to easily program and check the system, the company states.

As with most of the other Marposs Mida line products, the new WRS features a modular design, offering the use of different probes with exceptional repeatability of up to 0,5µm at 2? (0.5 micron at 2 Sigma), as well as high resistance against coolant and chips.

The WRS characteristics make this radio transmission probing system ideal for use on large or 5-axis machines, such as milling machines, machining centers or turning centers.