Precision Waterjet Technology


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MC Machinery Systems Inc. has introduced the fifth generation MWX4 machine, elevating waterjet cutting to a new level of precision, the company notes. This machine is the ultimate in multiple axes cutting, combining speed and precision for shops looking for accuracy and reliability. With the MWX4, Mitsubishi and MC Machinery introduce the new Taper Control System. This is a servo motor-driven system with greater A Axis tilt angle and unlimited rotating angle C Axis to allow for straighter parts in thicker material.

The MWX4 features the Mitsubishi M730 CNC controller with 3-Axis joystick positioning and full keyboard, and a standard Garnet Removal System. Metamation Software is included with True-Shape Nesting and CAD/CAM, and a submerged cutting system is built into the tank’s design.


Positioning speed is 687 in. per min (22.022 m per min), and the machine features a pressurized abrasive hopper with 670-lb. capacity. The adjustable slat table is located by slots, and the height is adjusted by the indicated flat bar.


The MWX4 machines are available in multiple sizes—on the X4-612, pictured here, dimensions are as follows: travel distances are 72 in. by 144 in. by 8 in. (1829 mm by 3658 mm by 200 mm), and it will hold a maximum workpiece size of 82 in. by 153 in. by 8 in. (2083 mm by 3886 by 200 mm). The pump is available in 60 horsepower and 90,000 psi., standard and 125 horsepower at 125,000 psi.