Precision Vertical Machining Center Ideal for Die, Mold Machining

Methods Machine Tools offers a highly productive, reliable and operator-friendly VMC solution, the OKK VB53a, which maintains several features for high rigidity and accuracy.


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Methods Machine Tools' OKK VB53a vertical machining center

Photo Credit: Methods Machine Tools

North American supplier of precision machine tools and automation, Methods Machine Tools, Inc., unveils its OKK VB53a vertical machining center (VMC) that is ideally suited for die and mold machining. The high-speed OKK VB53a features a range of features which minimize vibration and maximize accuracy, resulting in superior surface finishes for high-end die and mold applications, and precision parts.

According to the company, in addition to being a highly productive, reliable and operator-friendly VMC solution, the OKK VB53a work space is designed with the operator in mind, offering up to 50% more accessibility than conventional machines.

The OKK VB53a is said to have several features for high rigidity and accuracy. A rigid machine base, wide size linear roller guide and fine pitch high-resolution ball screw increase machining precision. Enhancing positioning accuracy, a 0.05 micron resolution linear scale is offered. Soft Scale Cube technology features thermal sensors that monitor and compensate for any displacement in real time.

An externally located isolated oil cooler removes a common source of machine vibration and results in better die and mold quality. Due to the coolant sheltered work environment, the machine casting is protected from chips and coolant to avoid thermal distortion. The Y-Axis shutter is designed to reduce chip accumulation and reduce operational downtime, while coil-type conveyors clear out chips quickly and efficiently. An automatic grease lubrication system ensures there is no waste oil contamination of the coolant.

The company adds that the OKK VB53a features a FANUC F31i-B control together with Hyper HQ control technology, which is said to be critical for efficient and accurate manufacturing. Hyper HQ control consists of a 64-bit, high-speed RISC processor including a lookahead multiple block (multi-buffer). It automatically detects the corner on parts from the NC part program, and controls the feed rate so it does not exceed the machine's permissible acceleration rate. A large capacity, 1 GB data server holds large files and sends it through a high-speed Ethernet connection for external analysis on the RISC so that the VB53a is never starved for data.

The new OKK VMC features a 20,000 RPM, 20/15 HP spindle and has X,Y,Z travels of 41.3" x 20.8" x 20.1" (1,050 mm x 530 mm x 510 mm), respectively. The automatic tool changer will store up to 30 tools. The table work surface area is 49.6" x 23.6" (1,260 mm x 600 mm), and offers load capacity of 2,646 lbs (1,200 kg). The OKK VB53a is a compact size machine with a footprint of 98.23" (2,495 mm) x 120" (3,050 mm) for economical use of floor space.


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