Precision Machined Components Support Variety of Molding Technologies



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Custom Mold & Design designs and builds high precision, fast cycling molds and precision machined components to support a variety of molding technologies including thermoplastic, elastomeric, silicone, metal injection molding, rubber and ceramics. The company specializes in cold deck systems; a system in a liquid silicone rubber injection mold that keeps the silicone cool until it is injected into the heated cavities. The result is reduced cycle time, a more consistent process and less material waste. Advantages of the cold deck system include being easier to clean and maintain, eliminating issues and shortcomings, reducing lead times since everything is built in house and longevity due to robust design. A cold runner system in a liquid silicone injection mold is the equivalent of a hot runner system in a thermoplastic injection mold. It also eliminates the need to handle the runner system from a three-plate mold.




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