Precision Abrasive Waterjet Systems

OMAX (Kent, WA) offers MAXIEM, a new brand of waterjets.

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OMAX (Kent, WA) offers MAXIEM, a new brand of waterjets. Manufactured entirely in the U.S., this new line of machines integrates proven technologies in a cost-efficient package to provide users with an affordable, highly productive solution.

"Through years of marketing the OMAX line of JetMachining® Centers, we recognized the strong demand for a line of basic abrasive waterjet equipment," commented Dr. John Cheung, CEO of OMAX. "With the new MAXIEM line, we meet this demand, as well as the varying performance needs required by the international community. These varying needs and requirements coupled with the current economic situation make this a most opportune time to introduce this type of machine."

Due to the differing specifications of MAXIEM machine, the line will not directly compete with OMAX products and is instead intended to broaden the market for abrasive waterjets. The MAXIEM line of machines is ideal for fabrication shops, metal service centers, trade schools, job shops, architectural, sign, stone and gasket shops.

"As waterjet technology has evolved, the precision and accuracy of OMAX machines has moved beyond the point of what some manufacturers require," says Dr. John Olsen, co-founder and vice president of operations for OMAX. "To meet the needs of that market segment, we have built off OMAX’s R&D to develop the MAXIEM brand, a highly productive, entry-level line of abrasive waterjets. With the hardships manufacturers are facing due to the economy, we felt it was our obligation to make the cost benefits of our waterjet technology available to as broad a base as possible."

The first MAXIEM waterjet to be released is the 1530MX. Designed for the production of large parts or multiple parts from large stock, the machine productively cuts a wide variety of materials, including metal, plastic, glass, ceramics, stone and composites. The machine’s 50,000 psi pump is available in 20 and 30 horsepower options. All MAXIEM waterjets will feature Intelli-MAX® Basic, a control containing the core functionality of OMAX’s critically acclaimed software, as well as the patent-pending X and Y-axis Traction Drive System designed to handle an abrasive environment