Powder Metal Tool Steel

CPM Tool Steel

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Diehl Steel stocks and sells a wide variety of grades of CPM powder metal tool steel designed for customer’s most demanding applications. The CPM process produces more highly alloyed grades of steel which cannot be produced by conventional steelmaking, the company states. The process results in a very fine, more uniform carbide distribution and imparts improved toughness and grindability, superior dimensional stability, as well as outstanding hardness, wear resistance and heat resistance compared to conventional tool steel products.
Diehl Steel offers a range of grades to accommodate most applications where powder metal tool steel is required: 

  • CPM 1V®, a medium-carbon, powder metal tool steel that exhibits very high impact toughness;
  • CPM 3V®, an air-hardening, powder metal tool steel with a unique chemical composition that results in tooling with an outstanding combination of high impact toughness and wear resistance;
  • CPM 9V®, a powder metal tool steel that provides very high wear resistance in combination with impact toughness;
  • CPM 10V®, a versatile air hardening, powder metal tool and die steel which provides extremely high wear resistance and relatively high impact toughness;
  • CPM 15V®, a powder metal tool steel that with exceptional wear resistance. It provides more wear resistance and longer tool life in applications similar to CPM 10V;
  • CPM REX M-4®, a powder metal tool steel that offers improved cutting tool life compared to conventionally wrought M-1, M-2, M-7 and other lower-alloyed high speed steels;
  • CPM REX 76®, a super high speed steel that contains high carbon, vanadium and cobalt for abrasion resistance comparable to T15 and superior red hardness;
  • CPM REX T15®, a tungsten type super high speed steel containing high vanadium for excellent abrasion resistance, and cobalt for good red hardness;
  • CPM REX 45®, an 8 percent cobalt super high speed steel which has excellent hot hardness along with good wear resistance and toughness.