Polishing, Deburring System Accommodates Multiple Tools; Booth 226

Ultramax MF.

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Gesswein’s Ultramax MF polishing and deburring system can use brush-type, brushless and ultrasonic handpieces to polish slots, ribs and intricate details. The system is designed to deburr in sensitive areas without collateral damage by using short strokes and fast reciprocation to provide total control over demanding finishing tasks. Special control functions enable users to polish to a wall or finish to an edge.

The system is said to handle complex alloys and tungsten carbide, and can polish virtually any surface to a mirror finish, from milled surfaces to rough EDM. It can accommodate ceramic finishing stonesand sintered or plated diamond tools, as well as metallic and non-metallic lapping tools with diamond compounds. 

Gesswein will be at amerimold 2012 in Booth 226. Register today for a free exhibit hall pass and a $50 conference discount compliments of MoldMaking Technology.

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