Platen Insulation Sheet Products

Thermalate®/Heatmeiser® lines

In response to the rubber and plastic molding industry’s increasing need to reduce energy consumption and improve processing variables to remain competitive, Haysite Reinforced Plastics (Erie, PA) has recently advanced the properties of its Thermalate® and Heatmeiser® line of compression molded platen insulation sheet products. Comprised of uniquely formulated fiberglass reinforced thermoset polyester composites, the series delivers superior energy efficiency, temperature control, durability, and is an asbestos-free solution for high temperature mold and platen thermal press manufacturing applications.

When installed between the platen and mold, the series offers superior compression strength (unit: psi), high service temperature (unit: ◦F), thermal conductivity (K Factor: Btu-in/hr-ft2- F), low moisture absorption (unit %) and thickness tolerance (unit: inch) versus asbestos, mica, calcium silicate, and other high pressure laminate insulation alternatives (G-3 / G-7 / G-11).

The unique combination of these thermal performance properties control and minimize the transfer of heat to the production press; therefore reducing the costs associated with excessive utility usage, machinery wear/breakdown, and stability/uniformity of product quality. Major industrial market applications for Thermalate® and Heatmeiser® include curing presses for tires, golf balls, road repair, and food processing; and assorted compression and injection molders.

Requiring no maintenance and designed to operate at temperatures up to 550◦F, the thermal insulation sheet series’ high compressive strength will not take a compressive “set”; causing mold alignment problems when subject to extremely high molding pressures. Tough and durable, they will not crack or break easily during mold setup or tear down and are more durable than mica or concrete asbestos materials. Additionally, they resist oils and fluids where other more absorbent insulators, such as concrete asbestos, can deteriorate or alter their thermal conductivity. Notably, Heatmeiser’s composite thermal properties are a breakthrough for mold applications providing even more advanced thermal conductivity and energy savings.

Haysite implements a unique compression molding process that saves time in production as all processing elements are completed in a one-step proprietary method. The molded sheets are then sanded on both sides. A state-of-the art micro-sander is utilized to achieve very tight thickness tolerances in the final process of production (as tight as +/- 0.002).