Perpendicular Toolholder


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ISCAR’s (Troy, MI) perpendicular toolholder makes it easier to fit PENTACUT 24 grooving and parting tools into overcrowded turrets in high-volume turning operations.  It holds the same popular PENTACUT five-edged grooving and parting tool, but from a different angle.  

The PCHPRL square-shank toolholder clamps the PENTACUT insert perpendicular to its axis, so the shank can line up with the spindle’s centerline.  This creates more tool presentation options and can eliminate interference issues in some setups.

Popular and proven for years, the star-shaped PENTACUT parting insert provides five straight indexable cutting edges with several types of chipformers.  The combination of a very secure clamping system and strong insert design enables grooving, parting, recessing and chamfering. Users report straighter sidewalls and flatter groove bottoms.

Due to the star-shaped design, the insert survives despite failure on one edge.  The other four edges remain intact and useable, leading to much lower tooling labor and inventory costs.   

Three toolholder sizes are available in the perpendicular arrangement: 16, 20 and 24 mm cross sections.  The new tools are suitable for regular turret machines, perpendicular orientation and gang/turret type CNC lathe machines.