Performance Dashboard Consolidates Key Data for Efficiency

MTSQ from MoldTrax is a documentation software for tracking the performance and maintenance of molds and dies.


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MoldTrax Maintenance Solutions announces the release of its newest version of documentation software, MTSQ—for tracking the performance and maintenance of molds and dies. MTSQ can be cloud- or local-based and comes with new features such as main screen dashboards that automatically display via pie charts, the most critical top ten targets in any date range the user chooses.

Mold Performance Dashboard shows unscheduled mold stops, defect count by mold, corrective actions by mold, tooling used by a mold and labor hours by mold. Maintenance Efficiency Dashboard offers the average degree of difficulty (DOD) of molds worked on per technician, the number of specific corrective actions performed by technician, tooling used and costs per technician and labor hours required and costs per technician.

Also new is an expanded hot runner section with links to relevant images and work instructions, standard heaters and thermocouples, a new “Cycle Count” field that automatically calculates specific production runs from a non-resettable, total lifetime cycle counter and is included in many reports and a mold performance report that shows maintenance costs per production hour, average cycles per defect, average cost per defect, average run hours per defect and more.

This tracking system is on display at Amerimold 2018 and available for “test driving” in MoldTrax’s DocStation. MoldTrax says that the MT DocStation is a turnkey system to make inputting data fast and easy for all repair technicians.