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Iscar (Arlington, TX) has expanded its line of the MILLSHRED family of tools.

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Iscar (Arlington, TX) has expanded its line of the MILLSHRED family of tools. This line is a new style of cutter that can carry a revolutionary serrated cutting edge insert as well as traditional regular round inserts. Both inserts have a protruding cylinder on the bottom with locating flats designed for precise indexing and positioning of the insert in the cutter body. The serrated insert has four indexing orientation options while the round insert has eight. This unique cutter is designed with deep cavities in mind. Typically, milling deep cavities with long tool overhang can cause vibration and instability, as well as being problematic due to difficult chip evacuation. The serrated non-continuous cutting edge is designed to overlap and provide a fully effective cutter configuration that produces smaller ships. By producing smaller chips the tendency for chips to be re-cut is reduced. Chip evacuation is improved—which in turn helps to prolong the life of the cutter and inserts as well as improve the finish on the workpiece. The endmills include tools in the 1.0”, 1.25”, and 1.5” sizes with straight and tapered shanks, and with the FLEXFIT threaded connection. In addition, all ERW tools have coolant holes. The new inserts are: RCMT 1206-FW-T20 for machining stainless steel (martensitic); RCMT 1206-FW-F20 for machining stainless steel (austenitic), aluminum and high temperature alloys; and RCCT 1206MO for machining low alloyed and stainless steel and high temperature alloys.