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PC-DMIS 2012 MR1

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Hexagon Metrology, Inc. has launched enhanced releases of PC-DMIS 2012 MR1, a popular metrology software, and DataPage+ 2012 Statistical Process Control (SPC) software. Both software programs offer new tools and improved features for inspection and measurement applications. PC-DMIS is used by the metrology industry for the collection, evaluation, management and presentation of manufacturing data to reduce scrap, improve throughput, reduce costs, and build lean manufacturing operations.

PC-DMIS 2012 MR1 offers improved Model-Based Definition support resulting in ultra-efficient point-and-click measurement plans. A user can import a CAD model with embedded dimensional data into PC-DMIS, activate the ClearanceCube function, then click on a feature control frame and watch as the software automatically builds inspection plan features and dimensions. Productivity increases exponentially when the Path Optimizer feature is applied.

The Custom Probe utility in PC-DMIS 2012 MR1 streamlines the configuration of non-standard probes for measurement planning, from a custom stylus to a complex, hand-built probe cluster. A simple graphical interface guides the process and displays the results in real time. With one mouse click, the custom setup can be exported to IGES and is ready for any supplier to produce to proper specifications.

The PC-DMIS 2012 MR1 release also includes a Windows OS application installer with a built-in automatic software updater to facilitate a cleaner and simpler installation of PC-DMIS for a single local system or across a global network of coordinate metrology devices. The built-in Web Updater allows either automatic updates to the latest software version or manually checking for updates to ensure compliance. Other enhancements include an improved PPAP report, new Best Fit and Form Plot templates to present graphic data quickly in large easy-to-read formats, and a PlainText report template saves on colored ink.

DataPage+ is an SPC toolset for metrology data with real-time monitoring, graphical reporting, and automatic report delivery. The new release of DataPage+ 2012 delivers many system upgrades for efficiency and ease-of-use, as well as FDA 21 CFR Part 11 Compliance. The new release includes enhanced custom reporting features enabling users to include any report object on the same page such as a CAD model, Chart or Text. In CAD and Custom Reports, users can generate graphical analysis plots for profile dimensions. The SPC software also outputs AIAG PPAP Reports directly to Excel.

The DataPage+ family has also added DataGage+, a new stand-alone software product for linking to any type of manual gage including wireless (regardless of brand) to create a hand gage measurement part program for operator execution on the shop floor. The program can be created using CSV, Excel or existing parts in the database. The data is stored in the same database as all other measurement devices such as CMMs.

DataMonitor is another new stand-alone product added to the DataPage+ family. DataMonitor was developed to monitor real-time data flowing into the DataPage+ database. With automatic update and refresh, operators immediately see out-of-tolerance dimensions and can take actions based on a pre-defined alarm screen.