P20 Tool Steel for Plastic Molds, Mold Bases, Slides and Die Cast Dies

P20 Tool Steel

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International Mold Steel, world leader in specialty mold and die steels announces the stocking and processing of P20 Tool Steel for plastic molds, mold bases, slides, and die cast dies.

•    P20 tool steel is 28 – 32 HRC (Din # 1.2738)
•    Better hardenability than A.I.S.I  P20 due to the addition on nickel.
•    Complete certification
•    Heat traceability
•    Size range: from small to medium-sized tools

P20 is also offered in blocks squared and gun drilling services:  
•    Squared  blocks to within .001” per foot
•    Gun drilling lines up to 72” long

International Mold Steel, Inc. – ISO 9001Certified
International Mold Steel a leading supplier of mold and die steels designed to produce higher quality products (with greater detail and definition) at less cost.  This company has pioneered mold, and die solutions for a host of Fortune 500 companies in industries including packaging, automotive and medical component manufacturing.  Die steels: Toolox 33 & 44, DC53, DRM1, DRM2, DRM3.  Mold Steels: P20, Porcerax II, DC53, NAK 55, NAK 80, DH2F, Premium H-13, PX5.   Precision machining services available. IMS,. is a global company headquartered in the U.S.A., with sales/service throughout North America, Europe and South America.