Open Workspace Laser Welding Workstation

7800 Series

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LaserStar Technologies has introduced its 7800 Series Open Laser Welding Workstation, which was designed for general welding of large parts, tool and die repair, injection mold repair, etc. The unit can perform deep welding, seam welding, contour welding and complex pattern welding.

LaserStar's 7800 Series Manual Welding Systems are ideal for a variety of common spot and seam welding applications including plastic injection mold, dies and tooling repair, complex electronic components, high-precision industrial assemblies, pressure-sensitive hermetic laser sealing and other unique industrial applications for the automotive, aerospace, aviation, computer, medical device, mold repair and consumer product industries.

Many materials can be laser welded—including 300 and some 400 series stainless steel, mild steels, nickel and nickel alloys, aluminum and aluminum alloys, titanium, precious metal alloys (gold, silver and platinum), etc. Multiple power levels are available (60 watt-200 watt) to meet a wide variety of application requirements. Made in USA.