Online Tool Automates Tool Design

Time is often lost in the design process, the time which is then badly needed in toolmaking to quickly react to inquiries.

Time is often lost in the design process, the time which is then badly needed in toolmaking to quickly react to inquiries. Together with the system designer CADHOC, Günther Heisskanaltechnik GmbH has developed an online tool which helps to automate design processes in toolmaking.

With the publicly accessible internet based system designer CADHOC, users are able to configure individual hot runner systems within minutes using a wide variety of components of hot runner technology. The user only has to enter his geometrical data of the mold as well as the rheological material data, the article weight and the injection time, and after the inquiry CADHOC will immediately provide 3D data including negative volume and the corresponding price offer available for download. On the basis of modular hot runner components, CADHOC configures a hot runner system within minutes. Further advantages of CADHOC are considerable time saving and access 24 hours a day, 365 days a year (for registered customers).

The system designer CADHOC is based on the so-called Power Configurator by Acatec Software GmbH and is an add-on to the SolidWorks software. GÜNTHER has decided in favour of this design software since the hot runner specialist is convinced of the simplicity of the system. Usability, variety of interfaces and direct linking to CAD/CAM systems are the advantages of the system. Since GÜNTHER has a wide range of customers, from small and medium-sized enterprises to major corporate groups, CAD systems which are applied there also differ. The system designer CADHOC provides the CAD data in the format requested by the customer.

Statements made by customers of the hot runner specialist prove the functionality of the system: wordings like "the fast speed and the user friendly structure of the Configurator are impressive", "the visual control of the 3D model yields the desired result in the shortest time", "simply ingenious" or "the access 24 hours a day on all relevant 3D data inclusive negative volume lets us become independent and allows rapid decisions" speak definitely in favour of this on-line tool, which has been used by more than 900 customers up to now.

Since the start of the system, the variety of the hot runner options and of the single components has successively been increased. So far, manifold variants making a large number of systems possible have been 3D modeled for CADHOC. Further options are given by choosing different types, sizes and designs of the nozzles used.