Nozzles for Side Gating—Ewikon, Booth 110


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The Ewikon HPS III-MH nozzle product line offers a wide range of innovative solutions for the side gating of parts as well as for gating in confined spaces close to inner cores. All nozzle versions enable a cost-effective mold design with standard mold inserts and an ease of maintenance with parting line service ability, the company says. A thermally conductive tip design allows for parting line installation and tip cleaning with minimal downtime and without having to remove the mold from the machine. Ewikon says these advantages make the HPS III-MH nozzle suitable for demanding applications in the medical and packaging industries. The product line also offers linear block and radial block nozzles with up to 8 tips that are naturally balanced. Several gating angles are available including 90-, 60- and 0-degree hot tips. Also, a vertical valve gate facilitates direct valve gating onto the flange of a syringe body. Additionally, a special version of the product has been developed to handle long tubular parts such as syringe barrels and pipettes. 
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