Non-Contact Tool Breakage Detector Unit

New Mida TBD.

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Marposs Corp. presented its new Mida TBD non-contact tool breakage detector unit. The new Mida TBD unit provides fast and reliable verification of tool presence or breakage inside the machine tool. Operating under machining conditions, the TBD unit helps to reduce scrap while facilitating unmanned machining operations. The TBD unit works by laser beam triangulation. Tool verification cycles are highly reliable even in the presence of coolant. The TBD unit works with tools rotating at speeds from 200 to 5,000 rpm. The unit can recognize a wide range of solid center tools including drills, slot drills, taps, end mills and ballnose end mills. Tools as small as 0.2mm (0.0079 in.) diameter can be detected. All functionality is contained within the TBD unit’s compact housing, which can be mounted outside of the machine’s working area, saving space on the table. The new Mida TBD system is suitable for use on all types of machines including drill-tap machines, mills, HMC’s, VMC’s and other machines where tool condition has to be verified.