Automation Technology Enables Flexible Capacity Adaptation


Grob Systems Inc.'s automation technology enables flexible adaptation to capacities and guarantees coordinated pallet handling.

Hands-On Laser Welding Machine Offers Versatility and Flexibility


Alliance Specialties and Laser Sales offers the ID1-Fiber, a hands-on laser welding machine.

Five-Axis Machining Centers Offer More Complete Production of Precision Hardened Cavities


Mitsui Seiki introduces its Vertex type III five-axis machining center series to complement the company’s traditional jig borer, jig grinder, and larger jig mill lines.

Sourcebook Publication Provides Access to Valuable Resources


The American Mold Builders Association announces that its annual 2020 Sourcebook publication is available in both a digital and hard copy format.

Round Latch Lock Units Enable Optimum Movement


HASCO has developed the round latch lock units Z1780/ and Z1782/ especially for applications when a second parting line or additional ejector plate is necessary.

Automatic Tool Changer Designed to Increase Production Process Efficiency


Cheto Corporation announces an automatic tool changer that enables automatic switching between drilling and milling for the company’s machines.

Bar Locks Series Expand for Alignment of Large Molds


Progressive Components introduces an expansion of its Z-Series bar locks for alignment of large molds and multi-plate sequencing tools.

Software Add-On Streamlines Design for Additive Manufacturing Cycle


3D Systems launches its latest software solution 3DXpert for SolidWorks 15, which prepares and optimizes users’ designs for additive manufacturing.

Remote Validation Kit Expedites Qualifying Process


Progressive Components announces its remote validation kit, which enables tooling engineers to validate their tools remotely.

Mold Controllers with Virtual Network Computing Enables Remote Access


Husky Injection Molding System’s Altanium mold controllers are now available with virtual network computing (VNC) options.