Gas-Heated Furnace Optimizes Mold Preheating


Grieve’s furnace heats up to 2000°F(~1093.3°C) and 7-inch-thick floor and wall installation enable consistent heating. 

Through-Coolant and ER-Style Saw Arbors Advance Productivity


RobbJack unveils the the through-coolant slitting saw arbor and ER-style collet integrated saw arbor, which advance productivity and common saw failures.

Predictive Tooling Calculator Reduces Production Costs, Improves Quality


The digital tool from Machine Metrics diagnoses, predicts and avoids tool damage and quality issues with a specific list of variables.

Metal Binder Jetting System Features Enhanced Resolution


Desktop Metal’s Shop System uses binder jetting technology to 3D print metal parts at exceptional finenesses and resolutions up to 1600 DPI.

DrillForce-Meister Tackles Large Diameter Flat Bottom Hole Drilling


Tungaloy’s exchangeable head drill series adds SMF-style flat head drill tips for more efficient holemaking ranging from 20.0 mm to 40.0 mm in diameter.

Square Shoulder Cutter Focuses on Secure Processes, Longer Tool Life


The Seco Tools Turbo 16 cutter can boost tool life by up to 130%, offers flexible range and applications and features Data Matrix tags.

Sensory Toolholder Monitors Machining Processes at the Tool


The Schunk iTENDO sensory toolholder seamlessly records the metal cutting process, monitors previously defined exact limit values and enables real-time adaptive control.

Hot Runner Technologies Benefit Performance and Flexibility


HRSflow has developed advanced hot runner technologies like the precise HyFlow, the wear-resistant Hyper-GF and the flexible FLEXflow Evo film injector.

New CBN Grades for Cast Iron, Sintered Metals and Hard Machining


Walter's new CBN grades, WBK20 and WBK30, represent both tipped and full configuration for tough machining applications.

Ball Screw Nut Grinding Multitasking Machine Cuts Nut Processing Time By Two-Thirds


Mitsui Seiki’s VGi20A machine combines grinding, multitask machining and automation strategies, minimizing production time and maximizing accuracy and repeatability.