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PUBLISHED: 4/24/2020

Heating Platens Reduce Mold Surface Temperature Variation

Venango’s MultiZone heating platens with a control system reduces mold surface temperature variation by almost 400%

PUBLISHED: 4/22/2020

Round Pallet Enables Machining with Easier Access Around Workpieces

FCS North America Inc.’s M6 round pallet is designed to address mold and die makers’ need to machine small components.

PUBLISHED: 4/20/2020

Management System and Clean Rooms Support Customer Programs

Innosurg Medical, the sub company of Kenmold North America LLC, provides clean room manufacturing and assembling for customers.

PUBLISHED: 4/17/2020

Graphite Machining Capabilities Enables Tighter Tolerances

Tri-Gemini has expanded its graphite machining capabilities for high complexity electrodes.

PUBLISHED: 4/15/2020

High-Strength Aluminum Series Ideal for Various Mold Types

Constellium offers its Alumold series of high-strength aluminum. Alumold is available in a range of grades, enabling its use for specific types of molds.

PUBLISHED: 4/15/2020

Gantry Milling Machine Sized to Tackle Challenging Molds

Waldrich-Coburg introduces the Taurus-Gemini, a gantry variant of the company’s award-winning Taurus 25/30 vertical bridge type milling machine.

PUBLISHED: 4/13/2020

Pneumatic Cylinders Install Without Removing the Hot Runner

HRSflow announces its extended portfolio of compact and small cylinders which require limited installation space.

PUBLISHED: 4/10/2020

Mold Cleaner Complies with Air Quality Regulations in the Workplace

Slide Products, Inc. introduces X-EMPT, a mold cleaner for plastics processors that complies with air quality regulations in the workplace.

PUBLISHED: 4/8/2020

Software Includes 3D, Five-Axis Machining Enhancements

Open Mind Technologies offers the advanced capabilities of hyperMill 2020.1 CAM software, including powerful 3D and five-axis machining enhancements for complex machining applications, including mold and die.

PUBLISHED: 4/6/2020

Molding Rack Systems Optimize Mold Storage Space

Plastics Solutions USA features a variety of products from racking systems for mold storage to mold cleaners.