Expanded CounterView Product Line Offers Exclusive Mold Monitoring Accessories


Progressive Components’ widened mold counting and monitoring products range includes a High Temp CounterView, Retrofit Bracket and CAD geometry availability.

Versatile Large Format Multi-Sensor Vision System for Accurate, Fast Measurements


The L.S. Starrett AVX550 Multi-Sensor Vision System is a powerful, easy-to-use multi-sensor measurement system which streamlines and optimizes the QC process. 

Milling Cutting Tool Improves Front-and-Back Chamfer


Noventa from Sphinx is a new addition to Big Kaiser’s milling cutter lineup that transforms the tedious, time-consuming process of chamfering.

Ultrasonic Polisher Enhanced For Highly Efficient Finishing


NSK America Corp.’s upgraded Ultrasonic Polisher Sheenus ZERO is ergonomically friendly, removes hard layers of EDM deposits and polishes difficult areas.

Cutting Tool Product Expansion Improves Drilling and Machining Range


Paul Horn USA and Mexico add several cutting tools to its offerings including the System Mini tool system, the DDHM/DSFF tools and a range expansion for its slot milling tools.

Horizontal Five-Axis Machining Center Takes On Small Parts


GROB Systems’ emphasis on spatial accuracy with its G150 horizontal five-axis machining center enhances its performance with complex, high-precision components.

Ball Nose Series Meets Rigors of Processing Hardened/Abrasive Steel


Boasting a new carbide blend, U.S. Union Tool’s HGB/HGLB Ball nose series can cut hardened/abrasive steels in the 59-70 HRC range, and improves overall tool life.

Double Column Roughs and Finishes Press Dies in One Setup


The MCR-S double column machining center from Okuma America Corporation reduces cycle time by 25%.

FMS Load Handler Targets Machine Tools Without Automatic Pallet Changers


The DMC-APC from Fastems can be configured into an FMS and load machine tools directly and act as an automatic pallet changer. Improved speed, machine tool utilization and reduced cost. 

Robust Exchangeable Head Drill Design Prevents Drill Corner Fracture Damage


The enhanced design of Tungaloy’s DMH drill head addresses issues that inflicts severe impact and damage on drill corners and result in short, unstable tool life.