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PUBLISHED: 5/19/2020

Shrink Fit System is Industry 4.0-Ready for Shop Floor Communication

Haimer’s power clamp comfort i4.0 shrink fit system sets new standards regarding digital connectivity and communication of tools and machines for manufacturing.

PUBLISHED: 5/18/2020

Turnkey Mold and Tool Solutions Are Delivered Ready for Production

Roth Mold + Automation Inc. offers the manufacture of unique, high-precise and turnkey mold and tool solutions.

PUBLISHED: 5/15/2020

Five-Axis Machining Requires Fewer Setups for Parts with Complex Geometry

Maximum Mold Group displays the benefits to having a large capacity five-axis CNC.

PUBLISHED: 5/14/2020

Complete Solution of Mold Materials and Services Provides One Stop Shop

Edro Specialty Steels offers a complete solution of mold materials and services for the plastic tooling industry.

PUBLISHED: 5/13/2020

Software Decreases Movement for Smoother, More Accurate Tool Paths

Cam-Tool by CGS North America, Inc. has improved its simultaneous five-axis conversion (auto) function. The process has been updated to decrease movement of extra axis when unnecessary.

PUBLISHED: 5/11/2020

Global Mold Management Program Provides Total Control Over Mold Assets

Coast Systems announces its Global Mold Management offering, which combines powerful maintenance management software with expert mold management advice to help manufacturers gain total control over the integrity, reliability and whereabouts of their...

PUBLISHED: 5/8/2020

Compact Nozzle Design Simplifies Cutout Geometry

​​​​​INCOE Corporation presents its DF nozzles with MultiPower heaters for the Direct-Flo product range.

PUBLISHED: 5/7/2020

Aluminum Plates Ideal for Molding and Tooling Industry

Vista Metals Corp. supplies the widest range of cast aluminum plate products to the molding and tooling industry.

PUBLISHED: 5/6/2020

Precision Machined Components Support Variety of Molding Technologies

Custom Mold & Design designs and builds high precision, fast cycling molds and precision machined components to support a variety of molding technologies including thermoplastic, elastomeric, silicone, metal injection molding, rubber and ceramic...

PUBLISHED: 5/5/2020

Wire EDM Accommodates Parts with Larger Machine Travels

Decatur Mold provides quality molds and services, operating 24/7 for short leading lead times for builds and repairs.