Synchronized Tap Adaptor Increases Tool Longevity


The Walter AB735 synchronized threading insert compensates for axial movement, increasing tool life and lowering inventory costs.

Rough Boring Insert Holder Excels in Compatibility and Speed


Allied Machine and Engineering’s new VolCut insert holder for rough boring excels at removing large amounts of material for large-diameter applications.

Ceramic Insert Grades Guarantee Superior Performance for Challenging Applications


Seco Tool’s Secomax CW100 ceramic insert grade expansion encompasses four new round insert formats with two geometries.

DeepTri-Drill Expands Drilling Depth Potential


In addition to the current lineup ranging up to 25xD, Tungaloy’s DeepTri-Drill now offers 35xD, 40xD and 45xD drill depths on standard CNC machines.

Extended Through-Hole Tap Range Offers High Versatility


Universal TC117 blind-hole and TC217 through-hole taps from Walter just got even more versatile with oversized extensions.

MillQuadFeed Grades and Cutter Body Options Enhances High Feed Milling Capability


New grades and cutter body options have been added to the Tungaloy’s high feed milling cutter SWMT09 insert range for a versatile range of milling options.

Versatile Sprue Adjusters Suited to Large Parts


CUMSA’s new 24-mm-diameter sprue adjusters are compatible with nozzle sizes up to 22 mm, as well as with both trapezoidal and full round runners.

Drilling and Turning Boosted With Deep-Hole Drills, New CBN Insert Grades


DC160 Xtreme Evo drills and CBN insert grades for ISO K and H materials from Walter USA increase process reliability and material capability.

Mold and Die CAD/CAM Software Offers Productivity Enhancements, Time Savings


Hexagon’s VISI 2021 software offers a range of new and enhanced functionality features under its CAD, Mold, Progress, CAM, Simulation and Wire Function capabilities.

Seco Assistant App Saves Time, Boosts Productivity


The Seco Assistant app from Seco Tools LLC streamlines daily machining experiences, combining vital information and tools with a smooth user experience.