Centrifugal Disc Finishers Designed to Eliminate 80% of Handwork


In order to help manufacturers increase throughput, decrease cost and the increase quality of metal parts, Bel Air Finishing has developed centrifugal disc finishers.

Square Shoulder Milling Cutter Improves Roughing Operations and Reduces Power Consumption


Seco Tool introduces its double square shoulder cutter design and inserts for more cost-effective and sustainable production. 

Double Column Machining Center Series Provides Highly Responsive Movement


YCM Technology introduces the “Aero” series of next generation high performance double column multi-axis DCV2018A/B-5AX machining centers.

Valve Gate Hot Runner System Provides Common Design Platform


DME’s Smart One valve gate hot runner system provides a common design platform.

Hydraulic Clamping Module Ideal for Demanding Maching Operations


Schunk launches a hydraulic clamping module for machines with pallet changer that combines compact dimensions, high pull-down forces, an integrated lifting function and a complete monitoring function.

Bronze Ejector Bushings Offer Superior Performance for Toughness


Solid bronze guided ejector bushings from PCS Company offer superior performance for toughness, tensile strength and low coefficient of friction.

Expert Molding Technicians Ensure Quick Project Turnaround


Wepco Plastics offers expert molding technicians to finish the process and ensure a quick turnaround.

Uniform Steel Hardness Offers Even Machinability


International Mold Steel, Inc. offers uniform hardness for even machinability and clean welds in molds and dies.

RFP Fringe Probe Increases Flexibility of 5-Axis System


Renishaw Inc. outlines the advantages of its RFP fringe probe, designed for use with the REVO five-axis measurement system on coordinate measuring machines.

Hot Runner Series Ideal for Molding with Challenging Resins


Mold-Masters/Milacron offers its latest advancement in hot runner technology delivering peak performance and precision.