Manual Fiber Laser Welding Workstations Enhance Laser Precision Quality


The manual FiberStar 8800 Series and FiberStar 8900 from LaserStar Technologies offers a versatile range of common welding and material applications.

Precision Laser Technology Offers Wide Range of Global Laser Engraving Services, Welding


Texturing, engraving, welding and direct part marking are just a few services PLT offers mold builders. An experienced team and enhanced technologies ensure unmatched quality, precision and speed.

Bio-Based Mold Polish Offers Low VOC Count


The Slide Mold Polish formula effectively cleans mold surfaces. Non-hazardous and non-corrosive, the polish wipes on and off without leaving a residue.

Rust Preventative Spray Formulated With Food-Approved Active Ingredients


NSF registered H-1, Slide Products’ White Rhino is ideal for molding operations requiring food-approved ingredients, including medical molding.

Laser Welder Achieves Wide-Range, In-House Repairs


The Sunstone Welder Combo 200 Laser avoids expensive repairs and costly revenue losses with a smooth, near-polished, blemish-free weld. 

Micro Welder Simplifies Mold and Die Repair


Rocklin’s MoldMender Micro Welder delivers simple and cost-effective mold and die repair in-house through a low heat, non-arcing welding process.

High-Performance Drill Targets Low Cutting Speeds For Unstable Environments


Big Kaiser’s Nirox high-performance drill from Sphinx boasts a TiAlSiN-based coating for enhanced chip and coolant evacuation in difficult-to-machine and adhesive materials.

High-Speed Spindle Series Harnesses High Coolant Pressures for Small Cutters


Tungaloy launches the iteration of its HPC SpinJet line, an easily adaptable tool which uses coolant pressures of up to 70 bar (1,015 psi).

Digital Boring Head Program Offers Smaller Sizes


Head sizes down to the CKB1 modular tooling connection size are now offered by Big Kaiser. They will feature the same boring ranges and accept the same accessory products as their standard analog counterparts.

VFM Milling Head Enables Face Milling with Exchangeable-Head End Mills 


The new addition to the Tungaloy TungMeister series of exchangeable-head end mill systems is designed to reduce a significant amount of tool changeover time for additional efficiency.