Side Lock Alignment Delivers More Precise Alignment and Holding Power


The DME LT-Series LifeTime Roller Lock offers an improved design and three advanced materials to address the need for improved mold alignment in high-precision molding applications.

Mold Components Target Route Cooling Lines


Progressive Components offers mold designers more route cooling line options within the tool with Diverting Rods, Seal Cores and O-Rings.

Compact Hydraulic Cylinder Enables Reduced Pitch


The newly released S Series Cylinder by HRSflow enables a minimum nozzle pitch of 37 mm and is suitable for technical materials.

High-Cavitation Custom Mold Bases Ensure Precise Alignment


Edro produces a variety of high-cavitation custom mold bases under temperature-controlled environments and close inspection for complete accuracy and precision.

Internally Heated Hot Sprue Bushing Provides Temperature Control/Uniformity


The Melt Design Dual Zone Hot Sprue Bushing offers dual heaters for independent adjustments and an improved, more even melt flow.

Aluminum Bronze Slide Assembly Component Reduces Maintenance, Improves Tool Reliability


SelfLube’s one-part slide solution designed to run in a T-slot cut in a base plate brings about better alignment, simplifies part exchange, allows faster cycle times.

IoT Mold Sensors, Mobile Application Attain More Accurate Digital Mold Management 


eMoldino’s next-generation solution anticipates improvements in quality, scope and reach for more accurate and advanced data capture through a more intuitive experience.

Unscrewing Device Alleviates Mold Unscrewing Difficulties


The Threadformer from Superior Die Set easily unscrews molds without compromising the part with a guaranteed precise thread start position.

Sprue Adjuster Offers Melt Flow Flexibility


CUMSA Sprue Adjusters are now offered in a a Ø24-mm diameter. Suitable for molded parts which require larger runner gates, components enable easy melt flow direction change.

Alarm System Detects Early Nozzle, Hot Runner Leaks


Plastixs offers the AIRTECT plastic leak alarm system that protects up to 32 nozzle, barrel and hot runner zones via a built-in pressure differential sensor.