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PUBLISHED: 6/19/2020

Synthetic Grease Withstands High Mold Temperatures

Nanoplas adds a new product to its family of high-performance greases.

PUBLISHED: 6/18/2020

Heavy Duty Round Reversible Toolholders Increase Cutting Performance

Thinbit, manufactured by Kaiser Tool Company Inc., introduces a toolholder option that takes advantage of the full line of inserts for grooving, threading, face grooving and custom applications.

PUBLISHED: 6/18/2020

Multi-Cavity Nozzle Solution Improves Thermal Profile and Efficiency

Taking advantage of the latest technological advances, Mastip Inc. continues to evolve its multi-cavity and hot-half solutions with a series of innovations and product upgrades.

PUBLISHED: 6/17/2020

Moldflow Analysis Solves Part Design Concerns

CAE Services uses Moldflow to analyze, identify and solve part design or warpage related concerns before cutting steel.

PUBLISHED: 6/16/2020

Smart Mold Box System Monitors Molds From Any Location

SISE Plastic Control Systems Inc. launches its smart mold box, available to moldmakers and tooling engineers to monitor a mold over its lifetime, anywhere in the world.

PUBLISHED: 6/15/2020

Job Tracking Software Streamlines Shop Floor Processes

TST Tooling Software has developed a line of custom software applications for the manufacturing industry.

PUBLISHED: 6/12/2020

Descaling Cart and Solution Cleans, Coats and Prevents Corrosion in Cooling Lines

PCS Company, together with iD Additives, announces the environmentally friendly Eco-Pro 360 Descaler Cart and Solution.

PUBLISHED: 6/11/2020

eStore Offers Large Portfolio of Products

DME offers a large portfolio of products, all available with rapid delivery. The company’s eSTORE offers a 24/7 one-stop-shop to thousands of products and tens of thousands of products with real-time order processing and status updates.

PUBLISHED: 6/11/2020

Dry Ice Blaster Provides Versatility in Cleaning Applications

Cold Jet, LLC launches the PCS 60 dry ice blaster, which features the company’s patented particle control system.

PUBLISHED: 6/10/2020

Shop Tackles Complex Projects with Technology Arsenal

Precise Tooling Solutions offers high quality tooling with state-of-the-art five-axis machining centers and the latest design software to meet evolving customer expectations and reduce setup and machining times.