Precision Vertical Machining Center Ideal for Die, Mold Machining


Methods Machine Tools offers a highly productive, reliable and operator-friendly VMC solution, the OKK VB53a, which maintains several features for high rigidity and accuracy.

Adaptive PET Preform Mold Meets Fluid Production Requirements


To meet continuously changing consumer demands, Husky highlights the NexPET system which supports a wider variety of applications, more SKUs, shorter production runs and more frequent design changeovers.

Hot Runner Manifold Offers Increased Flexibility


Hasco’s additively manufactured Steamrunner hot runner manifold allows for increased flexibility with injection molding.

Milling Cutter Combines Swift Metal Removal and Safe Handling


Walter says the soft geometries of its M2471 milling cutter with an indexable round insert achieve high material-removal rates even on low-performance machines.

Solid Carbide Drill Suitable for Versatile Material Drilling


The Walter DC160 Advance delivers high productivity drilling in a wide variety of materials.

MCD Ball Nose End Mill Saves on Polishing Processes


Horn USA extends its portfolio range in high polish milling for reduced machining time, tight tolerances and high-quality surface finishes.

Cutting Tools and Inserts Deliver High Feed Milling and Versatility


Dormer Pramet’s economical range of high feed cutters and inserts enable productive machining of a variety of materials for die and mold applications.

Four-Fluted Drill Increases Precision with Four Cutting Edges


Ceratizit USA says its WTX High-Feed Drill is the first of its kind on the market, offering customers four effective cutting edges for increased precision, productivity and service life.

ToolRoom Software Supports Manufacturing of Complex Endmills


The support of new tool types with ANCA’s upgraded wizard-based BSB software improves productivity, lengthens tool life and makes for faster cycle times. 

3D Scanning Platform Offers Comprehensive Hub for Manufacturers


3D metrology company GOM GmbH’s is a digital hub for companies that want to integrate the benefits of optical 3D metrology.