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Inexpensive solid verification software module lets Mazatrol and CAD/CAM programmers see their part machined on the computer before going to CNC.

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SolutionWare Corporation today announced release of a new software module designed and priced to allow more users to save time and money by verifying CNC programs on the computer before putting them on the machine. The new integrated Solid-Verify module works with SolutionWare’s GeoPath and MazaCAM CAD/CAM software. It is available as an upgrade for existing customers or as an option on SolutionWare’s GeoPath and MazaCAM software packages.

Unlike SolutionWare’s previous solid-verify product, which was a stand-alone application, the new integrated Solid-Verify module works from within GeoPath and MazaCAM software. This tight integration with the main CAD/CAM software interface allows users to get more done with fewer mouse-clicks, which saves time and provides a smooth, fast, easy workflow.

The integrated Solid-Verify module shows cuts, rapid crashes, tools and holders, differently shaped tools and user-defined tools on the computer before going to the CNC. At the same time, unwanted rapid moves through the part are identified on the computer screen.

Coupled with MazaCAM, Integrated Solid-Verify makes it possible for users of all generations of Mazatrol controls — from legacy to the very latest — to perform solid verification for 3D mill, 2-axis lathe, and live Y-axis applications.

Coupled with GeoPath, Integrated Solid-Verify makes it possible for users of any standard G-code machine to do solid verification for 3D mill, 2-axis lathe, and live Y-axis applications.

The Integrated Solid-Verify module was designed to provide the robust set of features that are commonly needed in solid-verification at a price significantly lower than competing products from major competitors.

Jon Perry, Director of R&D says, “When we were developing this product, we did a careful study of user needs while also looking very specifically at what gets in a user’s way, and we came up with ways to address those issues to make the user’s life easier and more productive. Of course, none of this benefits the user if he can’t afford it, so we worked hard to pack the most features into the lowest price possible to make it affordable for all of our users.”

Integrated Solid-Verify is available now from SolutionWare Corporation.

About SolutionWare Corporation: For more than 35 years SolutionWare Corporation has been continuously advancing software and training that gives CNC shops the flexibility to utilize all their CNC equipment for the greater productivity of their shop.


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