New Molding Simulation Solution Enables Realization of Smart Manufacturing

EPS Flo-Tek and Moldex3D releases Moldex3D R17, the next-generation plastics molding simulation solution, helps users close gap between physical and virtual worlds. 
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EPS Flo-Tek and Moldex3D recently released Moldex3D R17, the next-generation plastics molding simulation solutions designed to enable organizations around the globe to realize smart manufacturing through digital transformation. The latest release of Moldex3D provides more comprehensive and realistic simulations to help users close the gap between the physical and virtual worlds. The new user interface and the unified simulation workflow enable users to gain deeper insights into product performance faster, accelerating the decision-making process. In addition, to tackle the ever-growing demand for lightweight components in the automotive and aerospace sectors, Moldex3D R17 offers significant advancements in composites simulation solutions to meet various manufacturing needs.






EPS Flo-Tek / Moldex3D

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