1/29/2019 | 1 MINUTE READ

New High-Speed Advanced, Automatic Wire Feed System Improves Threading Capability

Originally titled 'New High-Speed Advanced Automatic Wire Feed System Improves Threading Capability'
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The new Fanuc Robocut C800iB-20 wire EDM from Methods Machine Tools offers new features for increased accuracy, efficiency, and throughput. 

The new Fanuc Robocut C800iB-20 wire EDM from Methods Machine Tools offers new features for increased accuracy, efficiency, and throughput. This EDM is available with a larger Z-axis configuration and can accommodate workpieces with a maximum size of 49.21" x 38.38" x 19.68" with a maximum weight of 6,613 pounds. The C800iB-20 wire EDM is ideal for a wide range of work, including large molds and stamping dies, and complex aerospace parts.

Fanuc’s new high-speed advanced automatic wire feed AWF3 system helps to thread a wire within the machine's maximum 500-mm work thickness submerged with an automatic wire recovery to 150 mm work thickness submerged when cutting non-parallel plane workpieces.

Improved pitch error compensation over the entire cutting area, mapped by grid patterns to within +/-2 microns, increases accuracy. Factory tests show that a 0.0002-inch positioning accuracy and 0.0001-inch repeatability are fully ensured, even during long burns, according to the company.

A new iPulse2 flexible pulse control improves straightness, corner accuracy, surface finish and cutting speeds by keeping the gap consistent according to discharge status and cutting shape.

Also, the innovative New FANUC core stitch slug retention feature prevents slugs from dropping, saving time and increasing efficiency. The core stitch function allows operators to set stitch points, which is ideal for long, unattended machining and multi-workpiece cutting.


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