New High-Performance Drill


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M.A. Ford® (Davenport, IA) is pleased to announce a new addition to the Twister XD® family of high-performance drills. The 2XDCS series drill is a coolant fed, stub length (3X) drill that is manufactured with the same Twister XD® geometries proven to work well in a broad range of materials. With the introduction of this new series, the Twister XD® family includes 3X and 5X solid and 3X, 5X, 7X+ and 12X-25X coolant fed drilling lengths. All are designed for extended tool life and elevated metal removal rates (MRR). The Series 2XDCS is featured in a new 8 page brochure. Standard sizes range from 3mm-16mm and #31 (.1200") to 5/8". As with all Twister XD® drills, the shank of the 2XDCS is manufactured to h6 tolerance specifications for heat shrink shank applications. Coated with ALtima®, M.A. Ford®’s "state-of-the-art" proprietary coating, the 2XDCS series drill provides improved hole and part quality, increased tool reliability and a lower cost per hole.