New Five-Axis Machines

Hurco (Indianapolis, IN) offers new five-axis machines.

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Hurco (Indianapolis, IN) offers new five-axis machines. SR Series: VMX42SR, VMX60SR The SR 5-axis machines, which tackle complex, multi-sided parts with a B-axis swivel head and a C-axis rotary table design. The Hurco SR machines include a special version of WinMax® control software that streamlines setup and simplifies programming for complex parts. • Includes B-axis with table removed, which means access to four axes. • Heavier digital servo drives, larger ball screws, and larger linear rails increase accuracy and deliver superb surface finish. U Series: VTXU, VM10U, VMX30U, BX30U While some brands simply stick a trunnion table on a 3-axis VMC and call it a 5-axis machine, the Hurco U series machines are designed to be true 5-axis machines. ? Exceptional part clearances and larger part capacity due to integrated trunnion table design. ? High capacity table rotates faster and has a high load capacity. ? More standard features than other 5-axis machines.