New CAM Software Eases Drilling

GF AgieCharmilles, a leading supplier of high-speed milling machines, EDMs, laser ablation systems and automation solutions, recently partnered with Metalcam, a developer of CAM software solutions, on the release of a new software that easily automates the programming for the highly advanced Drill 20 EDM drilling system from GF AgieCharmilles.

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The software, commercially sold under the name AC CAM DRILL, is offered as an option on the Drill 20 to further increase its speed and flexibility. AC CAM DRILL software, which integrates with the Drill 20 via its CNC control, allows users to import a DXF or G-Code file, as well as create or modify geometries.

The software’s four-step dedicated Drilling Wizard connects to the machine’s drilling condition database and quickly generates optimized drilling sequences. For output, users can choose between an ISO file containing the drilling positions or a specific PAT file, which also includes the EDM impulse code.

The Drill 20 is a production machine designed for holemaking in hard materials such as hardened steel orcarbide. Its drilling capability ranges from 0.01 to 0.1 inches in diameterwith holes up to 7.9 inches deep.

Simple and easy-to-use, the Drill 20’s 3-axis (X, Y, Z) numerical control makes it possible to program a series of holes for fully automatic machining. The CNC Windows-based control with touch screen, featured on the Drill 20, enables the AC CAM DRILL software to operate intuitively with just one finger. The CNC control also includes a user-friendly interface, fast job setup capabilities, an advanced feature for multiple holes, positioning data import, network connection and online usermanual.

About Metalcam
Metalcam S.L. is a leading developer of CAD/CAM solutions for tooling and production. Through its flagship product Fikus Visualcam, Metalcam provides solutions for WireEDM, Milling, Lathe, Millturn and NC cutting & Routing applications to ultimately shorten product delivery time. Worldwide, more than 3,000 customers in different industries, from production to automotive, employ Metalcam’s leading CAD/CAM solutions for manufacturing. Founded in 1991, Metalcam S.L. is privately owned. Metalcam’s extensive distributor network reaches over 30 countries to serve customers worldwide with complete pre- and post-sales support.


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