Needle Drive Unit

Needle Drive Unit

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HASCO (Fletcher, NC) has developed a needle drive unit that is available in two standard sizes and can be combined with all HASCO Techni Shot and Valve Shot nozzles. This offers the user a very wide choice of nozzle type and size, optimising runner diameters and nozzle lengths of up to 300mm, as well as flexibility in the design of the needle guide and gating area. Perfect solutions can be realised for varying article weights and fillers for both packaging and medical applications.

The system is extremely compact and can simply be integrated into small molds with reduced build height. A major advantage of the drive unit is that it can be used either as a single nozzle centrally mounted in the middle of the mold—or as a drive unit mounted offset between the manifold and nozzle. This means that the optimisation obtained in pre-production and prototype molds with a specific type of nozzle configuration can be transferred without risk into a multi-cavity production mold. It is even possible to carry over the hot runner components, reducing the cost of gaining vital development knowledge before committing to the production mold.

When the Z107105/... is positioned between the manifold and the nozzle head, the unit has the added advantage that axial thermal expansion of the manifold block has no influence whatsoever on the valve pin position, thus preventing any needle deflection. The optimum L/D ratio through the short needle length extends the service life of the needle and gate aperture.


Priority has also been given to flexibility when it comes to the choice of drive unit. The Z107101/... is activated pneumatically through special cylinders mounted outside the mold, whereby the needle position can be finely adjusted at the cylinder. The connecting rod is moved centrally through the unit in order to minimise wear and adjustment forces.
With the Z107105/.., the drive is activated via compact hydraulic cylinders, connected via a tie-bar through the unit.