Multifunctional Drilling/Turning Tool Provides Better Chip Evacuation in Small Bore Operations

The TungBore-Mini line has added eight new toolholders that accommodate its XOMU inserts for light cutting, increased security and ample clearance between the tool and the hole surface.


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Tungaloy TungBore-Mini.

Photo Credit: Tungaloy America

Tungaloy America has expanded the turning and boring capabilities for its TungBore-Mini line with the addition of boring toolholders that accommodate its XOMU inserts.

TungBore-Mini is a multifunctional drilling and turning tool line that integrates the capabilities of drilling, OD and ID turning tools. XOMU inserts features a geometry incorporating a large inclination angle on the cutting edge that produces light cutting, compared with standard ISO positive turning inserts typically used for ID turning or boring operations. In addition, Tungaloy says, TungBore-Mini’s insert and pocket have a dovetail interlocking design for improved insert clamping and stability than standard screw-down insert clamping, ensuring process security during various applications.

The added toolholders are designed to provide an ample clearance between the tool and the hole surface through which chips that generate during boring or ID turning are smoothly evacuated out of the small-diameter bores. Further, with Tungaloy’s angled screw fixation method, an engaged screw not only presses the insert against its primary support on the bottom of the insert, but also pulls the insert into the pocket wall. This design is said to enable a longer screw to be used for strong insert retention and process security.

The new toolholders are available for minimum-bore diameters of 10 mm or 14 mm, with a steel or carbide shank. A total of eight toolholders have been added.