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Multi-Tasking Turning Center Offers High Efficiency

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Yama Seiki’s GMS-2600 ST turning center combines turning center and machining center to perform complex machining.

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Yama Seiki USA, Inc. offers the GMS-2600 ST multi-tasking turning center. This hybrid machine includes X, Y, Z and C axes with a live tooling turret, high-speed spindle, ATC system and B-axis. The GMS-2600 Series combines a turning center and machining center into one machine to perform complex free shape machining, tapping, milling, drilling, incline machining, contour machining and turning to save floor space and to eliminate secondary operations that require multiple machines. The advanced double-turret and double-spindle enable machining on two spindles at the same time.

The GMS-2600 Series becomes a high-efficiency automation turning center with a loading and uploading system. From work piece transfer to parts finishing, machining can be completed in one set-up to save manpower and cycle time and to increase the accuracy often lost when parts are moved from one machine to another. 

The high-performance main and sub-spindle module are equipped with cylindrical roller bearings. The main spindle is installed with a built-in spindle motor to eliminate power loss and belt slipping problems. The C-axis high resolution magnetic encoder provides high-precision contour machining capability.

X and Y axes incorporate a high-rigid, extra-wide box way design to provide a solid foundation for heavy-duty cutting. Z2 and Z axes are built with a high-speed, high-precision linear guideway to increase work piece accuracy and to maintain cutting rigidity. Larger work pieces can be machined with a 300 mm X-axis span; 500 mm Y-axis span; and a 600 mm Z-axis span.


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