Multi-Tasking Technology

Mazak (Florence, KY) will showcase a variety of multi-tasking machining solutions at EASTEC 2009.

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Mazak (Florence, KY) will showcase a variety of multi-tasking machining solutions at EASTEC 2009. Among the products featured in booth 2111 is the new INTEGREX i-150, a multi-tasking center that brings together extreme versatility and accuracy for manufacturers of small, complex components from bar stock. EASTEC will take place from May 19 – 21 at the Eastern States Exposition Grounds in West Springfield, Massachusetts.

The INTEGREX i-150 is Mazak's latest space-saving innovation in "Done-in-One" multi-tasking machining centers. Designed with an ultra-compact footprint of 58 ft2, the machine features a front-mounted 36-tool changer for easy access and a single, horizontal, main spindle with 15 hp and 5,000 rpm for turning and C-axis control. The six-inch through-hole chuck provides generous bar capacity of 2.56 inches, and a powerful 10 hp, 12,000-rpm milling spindle is mounted in the vertical rotating B-axis with a range of -10° to +190°. The machine can also be equipped with an optional 20,000-rpm spindle, which meets demands for high-speed machining along with superior surface finishes required in most high-precision applications.

Integral to the INTEGREX i-150 is a multi-purpose part-handling device, which can index to an NC tailstock for shaft turning or a vise for holding the workpiece while multi-face operations are performed. The machine is also equipped with an unloader for automatic part removal, and an automatic bar feeder to ensure unattended machining for long periods.

The machine achieves and maintains high accuracies through several design features, including Mazak’s unique roller cam drive for the rotating B-axis. It features rigidity and no backlash while reducing friction. Both the turning and milling spindles utilize temperature controlled circulated oil to enhance thermal stability. In addition, the milling spindle is monitored for heat, vibration and displacement as a preventive measure through the Intelligent Performance Spindle (IPS) module.