Multi-Tasking Machining Center


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Mazak’s (Florence, KY) INTEGREX i-300 Multi-Tasking center is ideal for mid-size, complex part machining and offers significant productivity improvements through B axis and C axis contouring capabilities and a combination of extreme versatility and accuracy, the company reports.


Achieving and maintaining higher accuracies are accomplished through several design features, including Mazak’s unique roller cam drive for the rotating B-axis. It features scale feedback, rigidity and no backlash while reducing friction. A powerful 12,000 rpm milling spindle is mounted in the vertical rotating B-axis with a range of -30° to +240°.


The INTEGREX i-300’s configuration features a 4,000 rpm spindle for turning with C-axis control. The machine accommodates parts up to 25.9” in diameter and offers a 3.58” spindle bore. For a compact Multi-Tasking center, the INTEGREX i-300 boasts an impressive true Y-axis travel of 9.8” and vertical X-axis of 24.2”, with 4.92” below centerline. Plus, the machine’s 36-tool changer is conveniently front-mounted for easy access.