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The Mazak INTEGREX i-200ST Multi-Tasking machine efficiently processes mid-size complex components. It offers versatility and high accuracy in a compact design as well as features twin spindles, a lower turret and milling spindle for unbeatable Done-In-One productivity.

As a Level 4 machine in Mazak’s Five Levels of Multi-Tasking, the INTEGREX i-200ST turns, drills, taps and mills, while offering off-centerline and full simultaneous 5-axis contouring. Mazak developed its Five Levels of Multi-Tasking as an effective way for manufacturers to determine the best multi-tasking technology for meeting their specific application and process needs.

Within the Five Levels of Multi-Tasking, Level 1 machines typically offer a single turning spindle and drum-style turret with rotating tool capability for processing minimally complex workpieces. Level 2 machines add Y-axis functionality for off-center operations and Done-In-One machining together with either a twin spindle and milling turret or twin spindle/twin turret machine configuration. Level 3 Multi-Tasking machines feature independent milling spindle headstocks with B-axis indexing, as well as Y-axis travels and tool storage magazines. Level 4 machines emphasize automation and processing large or highly complex workpieces using full, simultaneous 5-axis machining. Level 5 is the addition of specialized machining tasks, such as gear cutting, honing and grinding, that transform Level 4 machines into Level 5 Ultra-Tasking machines that process even the most demanding and complex parts complete in single setups.

Both turning spindles on the INTEGREX i-200ST provide equal high performance with spindle speeds of 5,000 rpm and C-axis turning control. And both have a bore capacity measuring 3” (76 mm) in diameter.

For C-axis contouring versatility at either turning spindle, the INTEGREX i-200ST vertically mounted milling spindle provides 30 hp (22 kW), 12,000 rpm and a rotating B-axis range of -30° to +240°. Mazak’s unique roller cam drive for the B-axis ensures higher accuracy and rigidity, while providing zero backlash. A 36-tool (72-tool optional) magazine allows for fast tool changes and provides amplet ooling for continuous part processing.

The lower turret on the INTEGREX i-200ST model comes standard for 9 turning tools. The lower turret working in combination with the machine’s milling spindle that can be applied to either side of the machine headstock reduces machining cycle times.