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Verisurf Software, Inc. has released Verisurf X, version 6, loaded with innovative software features that enhance in-process, portable inspection, tool building, CATIA interoperability, and 3D scanning and reverse engineering, the company states.
This software can be used with a number of brands of 3D scanners and generate massive point clouds for manufacturing inspection, part verification and reverse engineering. Verisurf customers also can import very large CAD models and perform real time model-based inspection.
Verisurf X6 release has many new features and enhancements including: enhanced Windows 64 bit performance for working with massive 3D scanner point clouds, and very large CAD assemblies; new report manager with customizable HTML, Excel, XML, PDF, document encryption, document verification checksum and AS9102 first article inspection report generator; CATIA V5 R22 translation validation support; 3D SPC option for integrated statistical process control of key characteristic inspection measurements; InspectionExpert option for automating the creation of a drawing based AS9102 first article inspection and reporting; and metrology device interfaces extending Verisurf’s standard metrology platform leadership.